Cycle to Work Scheme

To find out how you can purchase a bike and accessories through the cycle scheme talk to one of our expects in-store.

How does the Cycle Scheme Work?

The Cycle Scheme enables you to purchase a new bike, through a hire and purchase agreement, from your gross salary rather than your net salary – thereby saving you both tax and national insurance of between 32% – 42%.  

• This enables you to pay 12 equal monthly hire instalments for your bike with money taken directly from your gross salary by your employer. 

•  At the end of the 12 month hire period, you have the option to purchase your bike out right through one of two methods: 


Pay 7% of the bikes purchase price, continue to use the bike and after 3 years the bikes belongs to you 

This Option: Overall cost saving of 25% – 35% 

Pay 25% of the bikes purchase price and own it immediately, therefore allowing you to sell the bike. 

This Option: Overall Cost saving of 7% – 17%


The Process

• Firstly, check if your employer operates a cycle to work scheme with

• If they do, visit Café Ventoux and receive a quote for you chosen items – up to the value of £1000

• Fill in the online application at using your employers cycle scheme code and our quote.

• Once your employer has confirmed your application, you will shortly receive your certificate.

• Return to Café Ventoux and order your bike



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