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We welcome Tim Robinson A fully trained Cytech qualified mechanic to the Cafe Ventoux team. Tim has also undergone full training as a Boardman bikes specialist mechanic and will be delivering a full range of workshop services for all makes and types of bikes from Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Commuter bikes, Cross bikes, City Bikes and Childrens bikes with labour prices starting from just £6.00. See our service listed below, but if you want something different from these services please just ask.


All bikes must arrive clean for servicing, where a customer is not able to do this then a bike cleaning service can be offered at a cost of £25

Bike MOT: £35 (New Boardman bike £15.00)

  • As with your car this service checks through all the fundamental components of your bike to ensure it is safe to ride.Full safety check
  • Frame and Fork checked for alignment
  • Minor adjustment to Gears
  • Brake wear inspected and minor adjustments made to pads
  • Chain wear checked, chain degreased and lubricated
  • Tyres inspected for wear and tyre pressure checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Price includes all labour but not parts

 Annual Bike Service: £65 (as bike MOT plus)

  • Wheel bearings checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary
  • Wheels trued and spokes tensioned correctly
  • Headset checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary
  • Bottom bracket checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary
  • Drivetrain (chainset, front and rear derailleurs, cassette) degreased and lubricated
  • Gears fully adjusted
  • Wheels, Hubs and Tyres are are all checked for wear and damage, and then refitted or
  • replaced if new components are required (New components at extra cost)
  • Handlebars, Stem, Cranks, Saddle, Seat Post are all checked and bolts torqued to the correct
  • settings
  • The bike is then cleaned prior to hand over to the customer
  • Price includes all labour but not parts

Annual Service Premium (The Big One) : £110 (As the Annual Service plus)

  • Your bike is completely stripped down to component parts.
  • Everything is removed and then checked, for wear and damage. *Damaged or worn parts are replaced with new parts.
  • All existing parts are cleaned, degreased and re greased prior to rebuilding your bike using Cafe Ventoux Morgan Blue products.
  • Complete gear, brake and cable set up and adjustment along with correct torque settings forall bolts, takes place after rebuild.
  • Finally your bike is cleaned and then waxed with ‘No Quarter’ detailing kits (we use this product on all New Boardman Bikes prior to handing a new bike over to a customer) to present your bike like new.
  • Price includes all labour but not parts


Lunch & Service

  •  A Bike Clean can be performed whilst you have lunch at Cafe Ventoux (subject to booking)
  •  A Bike MOT can be performed whilst you have lunch at Cafe Ventoux (subject to booking)

Custom Bike Building Service: from £90

  • This service starts from £90 but the overall cost depends very much on the bike the build and component items to be fitted.
  • Please enquire to the cost for your bike build
  • Price includes all labour but not parts

Childrens (under 10) Bike in a box build Service: £40

  • This specially Designed service is aimed at parents who may choose to buy a childs bike online, where the bike arrives at your door, either part assembled or completely in kit form.
  • We ensure the bike is built correctly, and an MOT check on the bike is undertaken at the same time
  • Price includes all labour but not parts

All Other services are listed below


  • Bottom Bracket fitting: £20.00
  • Power crank fitting: from £25.00
  • Wheel building: from £30.00
  • Wheel truing: from £15.00
  • Hub servicing: from £15.00
  • Headset fitting & servicing: £25.00


  • Fork Fitting: £25.00
  • Brake servicing/calliper and disk: from £15.00
  • Cable fitting: £10.00 (external) £15.00 (internal)
  • Gear Setting up: £10.00
  • Accessory fitting – lights/panniers/mudguards/pedals etc: from £12.00
  • Inner tube replacement: £6.00

All above prices are labour only, parts are charged extra. Labour rates are £30 per hour where required other than for the services listed above. We can service and repair any make of bike. You will be able to book a workshop service by either calling: 01162 598 063, email: ride@cafe/ or simply by popping in to see us. The Workshop will be open Tuesday – Sunday. 10am – 5pm

Workshop services will be available from 1st March 2017.

Opening Times

Monday (sorry we are closed on Mondays)
Tuesday 10am – 8.30pm
Wednesday 10am – 8.30pm
Thursday: 10am – 8.30pm
Friday: 10am – 5.00pm
Saturday: 08:45am – 5.00pm
Sunday: 08:45am – 5.00pm

Additional Opening times will be applied for evening events held within Cafe Ventoux. Notices of events will be posted on Facebook/Twitter and the website home/’Events’ page.

Find Us

Route 64 – National Cycle Way
Tugby Orchards
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0116 259 8063